Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Netshops becomes Hayneedle.

this branding move has been good. Netshops/hayneedle own a few hundred domain names, however they needed one place to stand out. Every domain name that they own is generic for example:,,, and - each contain a very long tail shopping experience of the generic, Long tail generic is good for both conversion rates and Google SEO. Netshops has now made the move from building a buying base of customers to building a brand. I think that Hayneedle is the perfect name for the company as it describes the process of finding a needle in the haystack and that is the long tail in action.

Way to go Netshops now called Hayneedle. I think you have it and even though needle is not something I have ever typed into a keyboard it already feels natural and easier the findign a needle in the haystack!

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