Thursday, August 20, 2009

Free html codes for web pages

Html is a computer language that helps to create web pages. Html stands for HyperText Markup Language.You have probably opened an html editor and seen lines and lines of code. The code you see maybe the description of a photo or graphic image. Because when creating web pages, you cannot cut and paste things like you can with windows projects. You must use a language the computer understands and can convert into images that make up our beautiful web pages.

In order to write web pages, you would need to know html codes. There is a lot to learning html so some internet sites make it easy for you by displaying their images and showing the code used to create that image. There are are a lot of these sites on the internet for pages like Myspace and Friendster as well as Blogger and Wordpress.So all you have to do is copy the lines of code and paste them into your web page in an html editor before it is published to the web. Your browser, like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox then reads and translates that code into the visual images we see on the page.

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