Monday, August 10, 2009

How to Create Customized Data Feeds with a Web Scraper

Customized Data Feeds
Customized data feeds are designed to meet the needs of a huge range of applications, ranging from XML web services to formats for your custom applications. These feeds are perfect for individuals and companies of all types, and are typically handled by website and mobile content managers. You can choose from a large array of selection criteria to customize and make your own data feed that is especially suitable for your needs. The data is then gathered, based on how broad or specific you decide for it to be. The feeds can typically be provided in a variety of formats, such as XML, CSV, tab delimited and WFS, and are delivered by means of FTP, HTTP or XML web service.

There are two ways to create a customed data feed, if you have access to the database you can export the information by writing an SQL query, however many times you will not have direct access to the data you want and in that situation the only method that will work will be to use a web scraping program - Here is a list that I have compiled of different web scraping programs.

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