Monday, August 31, 2009

Data Mining Jokes

As an Internet marketer I spend 1/2 of the day mining data, the other 1/4 deciphering that data and the last portion reacting to and reporting on the data. I would even go so far as saying if you are a business looking to hire a marketing consultant the most important question you should have for them is "what are your methodologies and tools that you use to mine data". Today a good marketer must have some kind of background in math and science, the days of guessing and jumping to conclusions are done. Technology now gives us the ability to track our work and the smartest among us are making money designing marketing tests and mining the data. The largest database available to us is the Internet and the tool that I use to mine that data most effectively is Mozenda

Text Mining How to and why

Text Mining is used by companies for many reasons, some will monitor their social brand to make sure they are not alienating their customers. Because less then 10% of the population will blog or mention that a company upset them businesses know to react quickly if they ever hear negative comments about their brands. The hard thing is locating those negative comments. The tool that is needed is a text text mining software or service. I have found a few companies that offer this:
Attensity or scoutlabs are end to end programs that will help inform you about what people are saying about your brand. If you are looking to do it for a little less money and want more control, you may want to try something like mozenda

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Turn any web content into an RSS Feed

Having A RSS Feed Web Page
Turning any web content into an RSS Feed can be very useful for frequently updated blogs, news, videos, or even music web sites. Keeping customers and readers informed and allowing them to receive these feed updates to, for example, their email or phone. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and this type of document puts the web sites information in a standardized format, that includes metadata as well. Users will need an RSS feed reader, that will look for updates at the sites entered and update this information regularly. The user no longer needs to return to the web site, useless they have received a feed of interest.

Mozenda can help you create an RSS Feed out of any website

price compare script mining

price comparison script mining
Going through a price compare script mining might take a few hours to complete. There are a few good script mining applications available for sale online. The first thing that you to do is to pull up a list of reviews of popular data mining applications. You should read reviews from multiple sources. You can then start your price compare script mining applications once you've found a few things that you might like. You can then determine what your budgetary restrictions are for buying price compare script mining software. If you cannot afford the application you want right away, you might be able to participate in a free trial while you save money up. Or you might be able to find a free version that suits your needs.

E-commerce competitive analysis is another way of explaining this concept.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Screen Scrapping Software

Screen scrapping software allows you to scrape and extract data from multiple web sites. The program goes through and is able to grab large amounts of data and information and compile it into easy to use formats. For any business owner that has needed data like this and has spent hours copying and pasting to get it done, knows what a valuable tool screen scrapping software is to have. Law enforcement agencies, business owners, and even hospitals can use large amounts of data of this nature and compile it easily into useable files.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Rip Data from HTML Page

The internet is a great source of information, as everyone knows, but almost every website displays their data in html. This format doesn’t present a very simple way to use the data, only to read it. To be able to manipulate and organize the data in ways that are more productive for yourself it becomes necessary to rip data from html pages. With a web grabbing service or software designed to rip data from html pages, the information is transformed into a format that can be used more adequately by students and professionals such as in text or spreadsheet formats. It can even be automated by specifying parameters.

Free 14 day trial - Mozenda

pull info from website

Website harvesting is done by software that allows you to extract web pages or e-mail from the web. The information is then stored on your computers hard drive. You view the information at any time after you’ve extracted it. There are many different brands of web ripping soft ware.

Mozenda is one such software. People use Mozenda to streamline and customize data searches. Business communities benefit as well from Mozenda. Businesses use this software for competitive research and up to date competitive pricing research. Because of the power and resourcefulness of Mozenda software is save businesses time and money.

Free 14 day trial - Mozenda

Pull All Email Addresses

When researching for leads for your business or organization, email is an important tool. Sometimes it is necessary when operating your own website to pull all email addresses on the site. Especially when using blogs, this ability can be critical to gather all the addresses together in one place. Using an email harvesting piece of software will help to pull all email addresses from your websites so you can send out mailings, newsletters, event notices, or other electronic mail relevant to those who have given their email address out for such purposes. It can be an indispensible operation for any business and can be handled easily from a service or done yourself with software.

Free 14 day trial - Mozenda

Mask Work Protection of web scraping

Web scraping has become one the easiest methods to search for data on the internet. It can be useful when doing a research on a particular brand of product, company or some doctors searching for the rate at which an epidemic has spread. Undertaking the process manually can prove to be difficult especially considering that, you have to cut and paste through so many web pages. Mask work is useful in the protection of your website from anybody who might want to steal any information there in. You can search for a web scraping software to suit your application. They are readily available various websites on the internet and can be downloaded free of charge.

Free 14 day trial - Mozenda

Thursday, August 27, 2009

EBay Used Craigslist for Data Mining,

EBay Used Craigslist for ‘Data Mining,’
Ebay purchased 28% of craigslist to get a spot on the board of directors and used that power to mine the craigslist database. Silly ebay, they could have done this anonymously through the front end of the site using a data mining program like Mozenda, not been caught, and saved the price of a board seat.

Next time maybe they will think the proccess through a little more.

The reason Ebay did this was to start up a rival site to I think it is really funny that companies never think about going through the front door to data mine the web, they try to be sneeky. Grabbing this data with a screen scraper would have been so much smarter.

EBay contends Newmark and Buckmaster approved corporate governance changes reducing EBay’s stake in Craigslist to less than 25 percent, eliminating its right to elect a board member. Craigslist has countersued EBay in state court in California.

programming to perform data scrape

Web Scraping Basics
Data for many websites is stored in a database and rendered on a website in a consistent layout with various CSS and HTML markup. The most efficient way to use that data is to get direct access to the database. However this may not be allowed or not be affordable. The alternative is to scrape the website using a scripting language such as PHP or a compiled language such as C#. A scraper works by acting as a browser and downloading the HTML of the page that contains the data you want. It then uses "Regular Expressions" (also called "Regex") to parse the HTML and collect the data. The data is then stored in a database that you have access to for later use.
These programs can be very difficult and time consuming to write. Many businesses have sprung up allowing for an esier method, but only one allows for non programmers to easily harvest web data and use it for their own needs. That company is Mozenda

price compare script mining

Going through a price compare script mining might take a few hours to complete. There are a few good script mining applications available for sale online. The first thing that you to do is to pull up a list of reviews of popular script mining applications. You should read reviews from multiple sources. You can then start your price compare script mining applications once you've found a few things that you might like. You can then determine what your budgetary restrictions are for buying script mining software. If you cannot afford the application you want right away, you might be able to participate in a free trial while you save money up. Or you might be able to find a free version that suits your needs.

Mozenda offers an easy to use price compare script mining

Stock Market Data Feeds

Market data feeds are great for people or businesses that are following the stock market closely. With some market data feeds there is latency, but with better market data feeds the latency is reduced to milliseconds. Market data feeds are a consolidated source of data compiled from several stock exchanges. The information is not only stock quotes. You can receive instantaneous information on equities, currencies, futures, indices, options, mutual funds and commodities. Market data feeds are displayed in various delivery options such as TCP and UDP protocols, internet delivery or compressed and uncompressed streams of data. You can program these feeds to show you as much or as little information as you need.

It is easy to create a stock market data feed and store that historical data with Mozenda.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

scrape website

Scrape websites from any site destination. Web scraping is great way to deal with slow websites that hinder your ability to browse with speed. It’s simple and easy. With soft ware specifically designed for web scraping you can download web pages to your hard drive from the web. After the down load is complete you can take your time and browse the pages from your computer’s hard drive.

This form of extracting information has quick become the way of choice for gathering web data. Web scraping has definitely changed the web and the way I view it. It’s like having your own personnel secretary.

Mozenda has create a great tool for scraping websites

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Free Website Scraper/Lead Mine Software Trial

Mozenda: A Free Website Scraper/Lead Mine Software Trial

For those who monitor business trends, mine leads, or conduct investigative work, Mozenda, a SaaS company, has an affordable lead mine software trial available for free.

Mozenda offers a free, 14-day trial of its commercial version. During this trial, users can: capture webpage text and images, save web content in many formats (i.e., XML, RSS), and run scheduled jobs. Lead miners will also benefit from free phone and e-mail support, and free web meetings and training. The company will also help clients build their first project for free. After that, it costs as little as $49 a month for the commercial version.

To maximize the ability to mine leads, download the free trial at:

html scraper

Html scrapers are designed to pull data off of a particular website. Websites are written in html or xhtml, so what a human sees on their computer screen is just the tip of the iceberg. Html or xhtml is its own language that web designers must learn and use, and understanding that language can help computer users. The html or xhtml web writing language used to write the websites can contain useful information. An html scraper is used to gather this information from different websites, allowing companies to utilize the data they find. An html scraper is a useful tool in gathering information.

Mozenda is a great data mining tool

how to save website all data

Website Scraper
Screen scraping is your connection to the world's largest database, the World Wide Web. It allows you to extract data from the Internet, grab prices from your favorite online store, or even collect the titles of books that you would like to read within the next month. You could even collect data from multiple sites, like eBay and Amazon, and combine them into one source of data. This would allow you to have your information in one location where you could perform research or other analysis, all in the same place. Imagine being able to automatically perform web searches, and to download that data into a spreadsheet. Addresses, phone numbers, prices, descriptions - virtually anything you could see with your own eyes. The extracted data can be formatted, altered, and combined so that it meets your unique needs.

Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Grab Data from Web

If you are in any sort of business or even if you are a student researching for an important paper, you may be wondering how to grab data from the web. It is very labor intensive to copy and paste all the information you may need into a format where it can be analyzed and manipulated. There is an easier way to do this using software called a web grabber or web scraper. This software will pull all the information from the website and automatically convert it into a format such as Excel spreadsheet, .cvs, or text file. Once you’ve learned how to grab data from the web, life is easy.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to Extract Data from Websites

There is a lot of information on the web. Most research now is primarily done online. Once you’ve found what you are looking for, you will certainly be asking yourself how to extract data from websites. Using a copy and paste technique is so time consuming it defeats the purpose of the internet and it will not get the hidden data that may be there. A software program or service will help show you how to extract data from websites, including hidden data such as meta-tags and meta-descriptions. The data is then downloaded and presented in an easy to use format. It is perfect for lists and contact information.

Frre web scraping tool

Web scraping, also called web mining, is a common part of business life. It is necessary to find a free web scraping tool to aide with the collection of important data from numerous internet sources. This free web scraping tool is available to help businesses find email addresses and other important consumer information.
To mine data from websites, a free web scraping tool can be useful. Businesses need to track trends, evaluate consumer response and do research beyond the normal functions of the internet. A free web scraping tool is software that can detect information that is hidden in or left behind by websites. Only modern software can scrape the web effectively and efficiently.

Free Website Scraping Tools

If you have been considering website scraping tools, there are occasionally free trials available to use and see how you like them. These website scrapers make gathering large amounts of information faster and easier to do. They are especially useful for law enforcement, researchers, and even business owners.

Free website scraping tools can be found by doing a simple search online and looking through the available trials out there. This is definitely a tool you want to use and investigate further when you need large amounts of data quickly and easily.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Free Website Data Scraping

One should be amazed by just how much information is available on the Internet. Any interested party can find just about anything if they have the patience and the time. Digging through piles of search results isn't a fun task though. Thankfully, free website data scraping is now possible.

Website data scraping can honestly help anyone wishing to find a lot of information or track certain terms. It's just a simple process that examines selected websites and scrapes together the information that you need. All one has to do is customize the search. A business may scrape websites to track keyword usage, market presence, and formulate new advertising strategies. Email addresses from related businesses and websites may be gathered quickly through data scraping. Data scraping can even gather information on health crises or economic events to help with long term planning.

These are just a few of the ways that free website data scraping can help you. If you need to find a lot of information buried throughout the Internet, then think about using a website scraper to make your job much easier.

free webpage data extractor

Information is very important to help the internet thrive. Information must be good and helpful to the reader. In order to provide information that readers will appreciate, a lot of online research is often done. In order to do a lot of online research at once, many people use a web page data extractor. Some companies are giving away a copy of their free web page data extractor. There are a few of these on the market today and you must determine the best one for your needs. The best way to do this is to research the company that you’re going to download the free web page data extractor from. If they are marketing other products and this is an incentive product, there’s a good chance it will be okay. But you must be careful not to download a free web page data extractor with a virus on it. Make sure the company has a good reputation

free web harvesting tools

There are many free web harvesting tools available. These tools can include email address extractors, data harvesters, phone number extractors or web page extractors. Many companies and businesses use this harvested information to put together recipient lists for ad campaigns or to collect and combine lots of internet research in one place. It is not the best idea to use free web harvesting tools to spam people, so you should try to use them in the best way possible. Free web harvesting tools are not all created alike. Before you download one to your hard drive, you want to make sure that you trust the company you’re downloading from. A lot of freeware can have spyware and malware attached, so be careful and make sure your computer is equipped with a good anti-virus program.

Free Scrape Data From Websites

Free scrape data from websites is available to those with the technology to pursue it. This web data scraping can be done through software or through paid services. With this free scrape data from websites, businesses can find out trends, track traffic and find customers.
Others that need free scrape data from websites include government agencies, law enforcement and health researchers. Data scraping brings together information that is difficult to detect but possible to find on the average website. Once this data has been collected, scraping software or services meld it into an understandable stream.
This data can then be used by a business or agency that wants to stay ahead of the competition.

Free html codes for web pages

Html is a computer language that helps to create web pages. Html stands for HyperText Markup Language.You have probably opened an html editor and seen lines and lines of code. The code you see maybe the description of a photo or graphic image. Because when creating web pages, you cannot cut and paste things like you can with windows projects. You must use a language the computer understands and can convert into images that make up our beautiful web pages.

In order to write web pages, you would need to know html codes. There is a lot to learning html so some internet sites make it easy for you by displaying their images and showing the code used to create that image. There are are a lot of these sites on the internet for pages like Myspace and Friendster as well as Blogger and Wordpress.So all you have to do is copy the lines of code and paste them into your web page in an html editor before it is published to the web. Your browser, like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox then reads and translates that code into the visual images we see on the page.

Free Data Web Scraping

Everyone has had situations where they are in need of some information from a website to use for research or analysis but often it does not warrant the purchase of a full-fledged, full-featured program. In this situation there are a few free data web scraping programs available for download online. A web scraping program operates by finding information that is needed and making it available in a more user-friendly format. These free data web scraping tools to not always provide all the features of a premium program or service but can be sufficient in a pinch or in uses that do not justify spending any money.

extract webpages to htmls

If your main goal is to extract webpages to htmls, then the process should be relatively simple. The most important thing that you will need is the proper website scraping software. You may have enough experience with html that you can extract webpages to htmls without having to use a program. But chances are, even if you are skilled enough to do this, you might want to use a website scraper just to save some time and tediousness. You can extract webpages to htmls by just copying the source code and making the proper edits to insure functionality, but a process like this could take days. A website scraper will do the job in 1% of that time.

Extract Leads from Yellow Pages

If your business is sales or you operate your own small business, leads are everywhere. The first place people go for leads is the yellow pages. Now the yellow pages are online and all the leads are there but they may not be in a format suitable to your needs. To extract leads from yellow pages online, a good web scraping software or a service that does web scraping can make life a whole lot easier. This software or service will extract leads from the yellow pages and provide you with a downloadable text or spreadsheet file so the leads can be easily organized and arranged in the most productive style matching your requirements.

Extract Information from The HTML Spider

Instead of wasting a lot of time researching through the standard search engines, intelligent people automate this grunt work and extract information from the HTML spider that is provided in web grabbing software. A spider is a program that accepts input of criteria and then goes out onto the web and searches for pages with information meeting said criteria. The spider makes copies of the web pages and then the user is able to extract information from the HTML spider and save it for use in a database or spreadsheet where it can be read and used in a manner much more suitable than the original html code of the webpage.

data scraping from websites

Our use of data scraping from websites
Currently we are employing data scraping from website stratagies by the use of website scraper software to create databases of our competitor's online catalogs. With website data scraping we can maintain a comprehensive and continuously updated database of our competitor's products and prices by universal manufacturer item numbers. It is easy to use, fully programmable and can run at set times and intervals. We set it to run once a week and our sales manager reviews the data from each of our competitors and adjusts our pricing so we stay extremely competitive. Technology is always moving forward and website scrapers help us immensely in both the maintenance our market dominance and competitive edge.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

data mining tools for the web

Data Mining: The Hidden Dollar
You could have an email sign-up on your website or ask people to call for more information on your product. You could tell them all about it and then maybe you'll get a sale.

What if you could collect contact info from relevant websites without having to spend so much time researching or explaining your product over the phone? What if you could target advertisements to buyers who were more likely to purchase your product? What if you could send out email blasts only to relevant potential buyers?

Data mining tools allow you to find the people who want your product without wasting time, money, and energy on those who don't need your product.

data mining software for email

Data mining software for email sorts a voluminous amount of data by searching for patterns. This blossoming data mining or scraping industry is the latest trend in business success. This process was previously only used for business and scientific data. Another popular use for data mining was in political campaigns to discover patterns and trends in the voting populous. Data mining software for email applies this same technology to your personal or business email storage. Information gleaned from this process can help your company recognize trends that can help you cut costs and generate more business.

Email Extractor Software

Email Extractor Software
Email extractor software is a booming market and with so many choices, it is best to shop around for a program that has all the features that are required. At its basic, the email extractor software will take all the emails out of a website and deliver them to you in a file. The better programs will actually go out onto the internet with web crawlers to find pages that match your criteria and bring back the emails from those pages. Some email extractor software will even allow a search of only specific parts of web pages, such as the About Us or Contact Us pages.

Scrape Web Pages

Scrape Web Pages
To scrape a website means to take relevant data from websites of your choice. This information can be used to your choice. You may use it to collect email addresses for PR reasons or to keep track of infectious diseases. Law and government can use website scrapers to access information to help and solve crimes or assist the government with surveying certain areas. With this software you can gather data then distribute the data to multiple places at once. For instance if you have data from an environmental survey you can publish the data to multiple websites or places at once.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Data Extract Website

Data Extract Website
Whenever you find yourself in a situation that forces you to collect a large number of data from many websites, the data extract website might be the solution for you. This tool will gather the information that you've requested and deliver it ready, without all the worry and stress of looking and copying for all of this material from all over the internet. Basic search engines and websites are obviously very powerful but they have many limitations, the data extract tool will find the edge of the data you're looking for and it'll retrieve it in the exact time you need it. Don't waste precious time looking for anything, let the Data Extract Website do it for you.

Craigslist Harvest Tool

A Craigslist harvest tool is used to gather email addresses from the classified site, Craigslist. This tool, also known as an email harvester, is frequently abused by spammers, but there is a legitimate use if there are several ads that a person wants to respond to. They can gather all of the emails in a section, such as the employment ads, so that all the people who placed the ads can be emailed at the same time. The Craigslist harvest tool gathers the temporary emails that are used for each ad. The ad person's real email address isn't known unless they respond to the message sent by the person using the tool.

Copy Web Content On Products

Finding ways to stay competitive can be difficult online. However, having a web content copier that can go through competitors web sites and extract large amounts of data and information quickly for you can make this a lot easier. Content copiers are able to extract information that you have specified and compile it into an easy to use format. You can create price comparisons, sales leads, and marketing tactics. Having a tool that is fast and efficient, not to mention extremely easy to use, can make all the difference in online sales.

capturing data from the screen

Capturing data from the screen can be done with special software that either comes pre-installed on your computer or that can be purchased. Once the software is installed, you can press one button or a combination of buttons to capture the screen data and save it as an image. Capturing data from the screen is something that many people would like to do for various reasons. A lot of web designers display thumbnails of their work by capturing data from the screen. The screen image is then saved in a JPG file and the image can be resized to a thumbnail image. Others participate in capturing data from the screen in order to save a hard copy of the information that is provided on the screen. Some websites provide printer friendly screen options, but many do not. Capturing data from the screen allows you to create an image of what’s on screen and print it out or save it on your computer.

best web page scraper

Finding the best web page scraper is not the hardest task. There are many good products out there, but you want to find the best web page scraper, so that you can blend ease of use with thoroughness of output. First you’re going to want to do an online search to create a list of at least ten web page scrapers that are on the market today. You can have a longer list if you like. You should then search for reviews on each scraper on your list. You shouldn’t just use reviews from one site, but you should check out the reviews from a couple of web sites. Once you have done this, make sure that the scraper you choose has a trial period so that if for some reason you determine that this is not the best web page scraper for you then you can get your money back and go with a better option.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bing VS Google - Who is Faster? Who is Better?

If you are like me, you want to make sure you are using the best search engine and saving your time doing so. With Bing now out and gaining some acceptance, I wanted to put the two "Google and Bing" in a head to head battle.

"one search/one winner"

Test conditions:
A misspelled and missformatted obscure search was performed on both bing and Google. I wanted to search for something that I knew had not been searched for before and therefore was not cached by either engine. The search I did was "can I mobo dog face through the bannana patch?" This phrase is very similar to the one Steve Martin said in a stand up routine in the late 1970's, however many of the words are misspelled and they are in the wrong order. The real phrase was "May I mambo dogface to the banana patch" I entered in the search phrase and timed each engine.

Google was 25% faster displaying the results then Bing!

The Search results, this is where it matters. I look down the results at Bing and there is no reference to Steve Martin in anywhere.
Then Google - The first result is a reference to Steve Martin! Simply Stunning! Not only was Google much faster is was way more accurate.

You can view the results for yourself:

It looks to me like Microsoft is taking the roll of the bad band that keeps changing its name to try and get people in the door, however when they take a look they realize that it is the same bad band and move on.

Hope this helps, now, I no longer need to think about "what am I missing if I don't use bing?" I know that I am only missing out on a slower engine that does not give accurate results.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Web Scraping Tools Spyfu vs Keywordspy
In the old days we had keywordtracker and overture key word inventory. Today we have to work with companies like and These two tools give data that is not very relevant but it is the best we can have on the market right now for noticing trends and finding out what our competitors are doing. Both companies are using an advanced form of web scraping to harvest the needed data and then they mash it together to form nice looking graphs and charts, however, garbage in/garbage out. There is not a good source for this data and they seem to now have a problem selling bad information, heck I had a keywordspy account for almost a year, and I used it.

I do PPC marketing for several different companies so I have access to the "actual" data. As far as the quality of the two they are both off by several standard deviations, especially when it comes to the main data points. For example one company that I market for spends about $100/day in online PPC marketing Spyfoo will tell you that we spend $10,000/day while Keywordspy says we spend $12/day. Go ahead competition feel free to use that information while making business decisions. I have found that spyfoo is constantly high while keywordspy is consistently low when it comes to daily ppc spends.

The only thing of value that I can see is that they give a list of key terms that your competitors may be bidding on. Here is an example list from spyfoo's engine:
This list is very expansive, but gives you an example of some of the value that these two programs can provide for the Internet Marketer.

For a directory of businesses that can offer a web content extraction services that power sites like spyfoo and keywordspy check out TheEasyBee - directory of web services.

This is a list of key terms from a data scraping company, this is the kind of value that Spyfu or keywordspy can offer an internet marketer. Instantly shows your or your competitors the long tail of key terms.

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