Friday, August 7, 2009

Mining the Internet for free leads

There are a lot of different places that need to have free leads generated. The first is for businesses. They need leads to keep their business going and making money. Another is people that are looking for someone else or something else that.
It’s easy to find free leads and get what you need from them if you try and keep an open mind.

For Example:
1: I created the directory of chocolatiers from mining the yellow pages online using Mozenda
2: You can mine public government records to pull out real estate date in your area.
3: You can mine directories to pull out leads related to your business.
4: You can mine the search engines to find companies in your area to call upon.
5: Even Twitter can be mined by using the function - you can find who is tweeting about those things that are of interest.
6: The Government Census contains loads of information that may help you organize your leads. The problem with the Census is that a lot of the data is stored in .pdf's and most web harvesting software has a problems grabbing it. It also makes it harder to cut and paste.
The Internet really is the best source to harvest leads for growing your business.

If you know of more and there are thousands of others, please add them...

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