Monday, September 7, 2009

web pages that grab email address

There are many email extractors that are available online today. You might mistakenly believe that an email extractors are web pages that grab email address. This is not true. There is no such thing as web pages that grab email address. When you enter your email address into a contact form and hit submit, you are submitting your information. The page is not grabbing it or snatching it. An email extractor is a piece of software that will grab email addresses from different web pages and web sites, and collect them into a file for you to do mass mailings. This is also called an email harvester. Sending unsolicited email to an address like this is often considered SPAM, so you must be careful.


  1. Email extraction is a great way to start building your internet marketing list. I hear what you are saying about being mindful about SPAM and so all internet marketers should have an unsubscribe link and their contact information at the bottom of the email. But using an email extraction program like this could give you such a head start on building your list and marketing your product, service or business opportunity! Thanks for the valuable insight here!

  2. Thanks Kyle, I think the most important thing to be mindful of is that you know exatcly who you are mining the data from. You need to use a program that is very exact and make sure you don't send e-mail to people who do not have any idea why they are reciveing it, but if you are a chocolate company and you are sending and you want to put on a convention about chocolate - Mining the e-mail addresses of other chocolate business owners is just fine in my book. Keep it very nitche and targeted and you will be okay.