Friday, October 2, 2009

Web Extraction

Web Extraction is a process by which a web data extraction service collects unstructured website data from the Internet and restructures it into usable formats, in most cases converting it into reportable data records. To retrieve valuable information, the client for said services provides the parameters by which the web extraction engine runs, including what online sectors should be searched, what information is required and in what format the data should be output. The data is, in most cases, configured into a searchable database that can then be used in whatever business case, web traffic or use-case analysis is required by the client. It can potentially save hundreds of manual hours of website searching and data mining.

Web Extraction Video

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  1. Saving time and money are both good reasons to choose Mozenda, but my favorite reason is the way Mozenda takes your harvested data and puts it into a usable file format such as .csv... sure makes my life easier!