Thursday, October 22, 2009

Web crawler Software Web Spider Tool

Crawl web software is a specialized computer program often simply called a web crawler or web spider. These types of programs scour the websites available on the internet and make copies of their code. Once the copies are made, another set of programs can be used to pick apart and index the data on the sites. This crawl web software can be set to search the internet using specific parameters in the aid of research and data analysis. They can also find contact information such as addresses, phone numbers, business names, and email to aid in sales and marketing strategies. Once the information is found and copied, it can then be manipulated to suit need.

Screen Scraping Video

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  1. Hello Dude,

    Web-crawler software doesn't actually move around to different computers on the Internet, as viruses or intelligent agents do. A crawler resides on a single machine. The crawler simply sends HTTP requests for documents to other machines on the Internet, just as a web browser does when the user clicks on links. Thanks a lot.......

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