Sunday, June 13, 2010

SEO and SEM Insiders Call Mozenda, "The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread"

The blogosphere is abuzz with it: Mozenda, the sexy new software that structures Internet data to custom specifications, is the best idea since sliced bread. And thanks to social media masters Will Critchlow and Sam Crocker, it won’t take nearly as long to catch on.

It took fifteen years for Otto Rohwedder’s bread slicing machine to gain wide popular acceptance, but it was only two months ago that Will Critchlow, while chatting with friends in a London pub, first heard about a small Utah-based company that was structuring Internet data. The words “structured Internet data” are enough to make most people’s eyes glaze over, but Critchlow, who works at the Internet marketing firm Distilled, couldn’t get it off his mind. What could he do with all of the Internet’s data at his whim?

I think the reason I gained as much exposure as I did from this conference was that I offered something new Critchlow looked into Mozenda, and upon discovering its powerful capabilities, he did something odd: he shared it with the world in a article titled “Data Visualization Techniques.” "I am massively impressed by the company’s software, and their support,” Critchlow wrote. “I am using it at the moment to gather social network data for a piece of client research. Mozenda gathers and organizes data very quickly… It is saving me enormous amounts of time."

Many people would have kept the discovery of a tool as powerful as Mozenda to themselves, using it to gain an edge over their competitors, but Critchlow was following a new philosophy in his line of business: sharing. Sharing builds publicity and garners respect within the industry, something Critchlow and Distilled have in no short supply.

Critchlow’s co-worker Sam Crocker jumped on the bandwagon, giving a presentation at the Search Marketing Expo in London about how to gain insider knowledge by using Mozenda to gather Google keyword search data. Grateful attendees began raving about the new technology—and Crocker—in earnest.

"Mozenda was a very smart thing for me to talk about,” Crocker said, when asked why he had shared the secret of his “atomic bomb” at the SMX conference. “I know some people like to keep their information to themselves, and I don't blame them for that. For me, the key is coming up with creative ways to use existing tools, even if it means using them for tasks other than those for which they were originally designed.

“I think the reason I gained as much exposure as I did from this conference was that I offered something new,” Crocker continued. “Something that most people didn't know about. I've been taught since day one at my company to be as open as possible and share both within the team and within the industry. I think it's what makes us good at search engine marketing."

Mozenda CEO Brett Haskins is still a little shell-shocked by all the publicity his product is receiving. "I am amazed by people's creativity in using our tools. I am starting to see more and more applications that are very clever. When building our Internet Data Mining tool we did not specifically go after the Search Engine Marketing industry. What Sam Crocker did in his presentation was not something we initially imagined could be done with Mozenda. Sam broke new ground in how he is mashing up data. We are excited to receive his attention."

Just like sliced bread, Mozenda has set a new industry standard, providing an easy and inexpensive way to gather and organize Internet data. It’s too bad Otto Rohwedder didn’t have Critchlow, Crocker, or the Distilled team talking about his bread slicer—instead of languishing in obscurity for fifteen years, it would have moved out of the pub and into the marketplace at Twitter speeds.

for more information on Mozenda's data gathering tools can find them on the web at


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